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You Gotta Deal With Darkness.

December 09th, 2020 - 2 minutes reading time
The months of November and December are traditionally the time when lots of basemile kilometres meet little daylight. For most people, it is a combination contradicting itself, for others it is just daily training routine.
Those of us who are racing bikes on elite level from spring to fall all share this daily challenge of reconciling work, responsibilities and a demanding scope of training as a fundament to the following season.

It is a completely different style of riding. It's more intense in any kind of way.

Nonetheless - in my case - turbo sessions are just an option when in comes to high intensity efforts again. But as long as the schedule contains basic- and / or strength-endurance workouts, I will stick to ride on the dark side of the day. With the right equipment and after a short familiarization phase, rides like these turn out to be quite fun. The feeling of speed is completely different when you do not have visible reference points along the road and descending in the dark enhances your bike-handling-skills enormously. Plus: The big endurance rides on the weekends, exploring new roads, become a real appreciative part of each training week.

If you are now curious about how to gear up for riding in dark and raw conditions, the next monthly roundup will be the one to watch out for! Until then, take care and keep pedalling.

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