Selection of 2016 - 2014

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Season 2016

Racing for MINI Team Düren C.T. in 2016, Yannic's racing the German road-races, such as all traditional crits & post-tour-crits with his boys. In addition to that, he participated in the caribbean Stage-Race "Tour de Guadeloupe" UCI 2.2.

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Season 2015

With his teamies from Team Düren, Yannic raced the whole German season and competed in the Tour de Martinique and three days of UCI 1.2 racing in the Moroccan desert at the end of the year.

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Season 2014

As the "new one" in the Team Hergarden, Yannic started the season pretty well before crashing hard twice before the end of the year. Presenting the team-colors in several post-tour-crits, he showed the white and red colors with his teammates to all the ones who love cycling.

Review 2014

Off The Bike

Beside racing & training there must always be time for other things. For example: Sipping real good coffee or exploring the country racing in.

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