The Story

Of a boy racing bikes

« Do it because you love it » that's probably the best answer to the question asked by spectators, followers, cycling-fans & friends the last years. Why am I doing this ?! Why do I write, tweet and post pictures about what my life is all about?

The answer is simple: Giving you insights into what it takes pushing pedals as an elite cyclist. About the greatest and toughest sport in the world. The races, training, lifestyle and sometimes about my passion for coffee as well.

Up for some Insights?


Q & A

Short facts

| Nationality




| Height & Weight

194cm / 70kg

| Based in

Wermelskirchen, Germany

| Fat/RHR

7,4% / 47bpm

| Team

MINI Team Düren CT

| Favourite

Races? - I like hilly courses in general. No matter if one-day or stagerace. | Music? - House music, The Baseballs, Radio at breakfast. | Food? - Thai & Italian, Steak, Maultaschen, Kaiserschmarren. | Drinks? - Espresso, Almdudler . | Places? - Bergisches Land, The Alps. | Motto? - "Do it with passion or not at all." | Movie? - Normally I don't watch any movies ;-). Bud Spencer & Terence Hill are cool though. | Sport beside cycling ? - Tabletennis, hiking e.g.. | Way to relax? - Taking a stroll around the many barrages of my home-region. | Off the bike? - Design, Books, The Outdoors, Cooking, "Wannabe-Barista"