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Do it with love or not at all.

Do what you love. Do it with passion, with full dedication. It's been ten years of racing bikes on elite level around the globe. And it's still so much more than just pedalling fast...

2019 I'll be racing as an Elite Cyclist for @MINITeamDN CT for the 6th year in a row. Beside my preference for hilly race-courses, one thing hasn't changend through out the last years of pushing pedals.

It's my passion for the Alps, the outdoors, design and real good coffee.

I'm not doing it just for the results, I'm doing it for the love of it.



Yannic Distel


September 12, 1988

Height & Weight

194cm / 69.5kg

RHR & Fat

48bpm / 6.3%


Wermelskirchen, Ger

It' so much more than just pushing pedals.

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Years of racing and training result in a huge amount of memories. Check out my best photos, videos and training-rides.

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